Informative Speech On Mechanical Engineering

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*Walks to the front and looks around, then walking from the side of the room towards the center*
Before I begin my presentation, I’d like to see by a show of hands; how many of you think of pills, hospital gowns, cute nurses, and scary needles when you hear the words “medical field”?
*wait for a show of hands* (say something along the lines of “okay, so were about half in half”)
What if I told you that there are so many other aspects of medicine than what your use to seeing?
My presentation will be on one of the most advancing fields in the world today, engineering, that’s kind of vague so I’ll narrow it down a bit. Specifically Bio-mechanical engineering, or for short Bio-mech.
What is Bio-mech? It is the combination of both biological theories and mechanical engineering principles, which are combined in order to better understand how they can be used to improve the quality of life.
I plan to show you today how bio-mech as not only impacted my life, but has (or can) impact your lives.
To start off,
My friend Fred, On July 10th, 2017, lost his arm while in the Caloosahatchee River. A few of his friends and him decided to go swimming there when a large alligator approached them. He knew that his friends weren’t going to be able to get away if it latched onto them, putting himself between the gator and his friends he got bit (but luckily they were all still alive).
Soon after, Fred’s family and community raised over $37,000 in order to buy him a bionic arm.
Well there is a new innovation in bionic technology, the i-limb, this bionic hand which has made significant advancements in order to make bionic limbs even more realistic. According to Thomas K. Grose, who has written Journals such as; “STILL TOO FEW”, “Smart Electronics: SECURITY RISK”, and is also the manager at American Society for Engineering Education.
The hand utilizes five individually-powered articulating fingers, each with three articulating joins, moved by five motors, so that it can look and act just like real hands. Allowing the user to grasp objects that they wouldn’t have been able to do other-wise.
The hand is controlled through myoelectric sensors, myo is Latin for muscle). So they are essentially muscle sensors. Through picking

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