Informative Speech On Opioids

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Informative Speech Outline
I. Attention Getter: Many of us know firsthand what opioids do to people. I bet everyone here has had a call where drugs of any kind where used in the wrong way, especially opioids.
II. Motivation for Listening: But have you ever wondered how they get to the point where they need medical attention, and if this problem could have been prevented?
III. Thesis Statement: Today, I will inform you on what opioid do to their victims and possible solutions to the problem.
IV. Preview of Speech: I will identify the problem, discuss what opioid addiction does to people, and discuss possible solutions to the problem.
V. Transition: First, I will identify the problem.
I. First Main Point: Last month president Trump declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency (Merica, 2017). This goes to show that the opioid problem is a huge deal in the United States and it should be treated so.
a. Analysis: According to the Center for Disease Control, in Florida, there was over 3,200 deaths from opioid overdoses, and opioids account for the most overdose deaths in the United States (“Opioid Overdose,” 2016).
b. Analysis: Opioids are a class of drug that are medically used as very effective painkillers, like fentanyl and morphine, however, they are highly addictive and produce a feeling of euphoria (“Opioids”). This combination leads do a lot of abuse and dependency, where people take more than prescribed in order to feel better. People start off taking the opioid painkillers in order to not feel pain as prescribed by their doctors. Then, they end up getting addicted to them. There are also illicit opioids, such as heroin, that are also highly addictive and also lead to dependency and death (“Opioids”). These illicit versions are taken for recreational reasons, and are also often mixed with other drugs. The combination of taking an unregulated drug in conjunction with other drugs leads to a lot of overdoses.
c. Transition: Next, I will talk about why people get addicted to opioids and what they do to the body.
II. Second Main Point: As mentioned before, opioids are highly addictive, but why? Why don’t people just stop taking the drugs when they realize they have a problem? The

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