Informative Speech On Sports Drinks

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Introduction :
Hello and good morning to all.
Does anyone here enjoy doing sports or any vigorous activities that will make you sweat?
What did you do in order to replenish back all the energy that you have used after exercising?
You drink a sports drink. Yes, it is.
I know everyone here enjoys the taste of sweetness that comes from the drinks and the sour flavor, as well.
But little did some of us know that this sports drink for sure will affect our health the future. The sports drink is way more harmful than we think.
I am very sure after hearing my speech, you will be switching your choice from the sports drink to just a simple plain water.

Body :
Main point 1

First, it contains high calories from the sugar and the sodium.
Did you know
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According to Deputy Health Minister Datum Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahaya to the Sun Daily news, the Increasing rates of dental problems from 40% to 75%, , among the pre-school to adults and also among the athletes have concerns the dentist.
I was shocked to find out from journal Sports Drinks Hazard To Teeth, that was published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2015, volume 3, stated that sports drinks are actually is 3 times more dangerous to damage the teeth compared to soda.
Researchers from British Journal of Sports Science also conducted a study in 2012 and found out that most common dental problem among the athletes was tooth decay, gum disease, and infected wisdom teeth.
Next, an article in Medline Plus states that gum disease or periodontal disease is a serious infection and inflammation of the gum.
It also states that tartar, a rough and porous substance will form when bacterial plaque builds up over a long time.
According to a post on, an article title Dehydration and Athletic Performance on July 2011 state that athletes are more prone to dehydration and this condition will cause low salivary flow in the

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