Informative Speech On Sprint Car Racing

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Hi, my name is Keith Vrbas. I have been around sprint car racing my whole life. From helping friends work on their cars to driving my own car, I have been really involved in this sport for the last three years. I have always enjoyed it and I believe it is the most exciting and challenging type of racing. I will be giving an informative speech on sprint car racing. I will explain what a sprint car is, how it is raced, the basic parts of a car, how it operates.

Sprint cars are know to be the fastest type of open wheel racing in the world originating in the U.S.A, so sprint car racing is a completely different kind of racing compared to other types because of their open wheels and speeds.They are very simple with a low tech design making
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Drivers that do not finish good enough to transfer to the A-main their night of racing is over. The A-main or main event is around a twenty five to thirty lap race to see who wins it all.

Basic Parts

Sprint cars are made up of six main parts, wings, chassis, tires, cockpit, engine, and torsion bars. (Sprint Cars, 2006) Most sprint cars that race are using a five foot square aluminum wing for the top wing that sits on top of the car above the rear wheels and a two foot by three foot nose wing that sits above the front wheels. Wings help plant the car in the ground creating more grip.(Fry, 1) The chassis also known as the roll cage is the main part of the car and has changed a lot since the beginning coming from a model T frame to a special designed frame today made from aircraft quality steel tubing.(Sprint Car Chassis, 2006)

Sprint cars tires are very different you might say, it 's because the right rear tire is bigger than the left rear, this is known as stagger. There are different compounds of tires from a soft rubber to a hard rubber. Depending on the track conditions is why a different compound might be used. The different tire size helps the car turn in the corners.(Sprint Car Tires, 2006) A good way to imagine how this works is by taking a styrofoam cup and laying it down on a flat surface and rolling it, it constantly wants to roll in a circle because one end is bigger.

The cockpit of a sprint car is a very tight fit and it takes

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