Informative Speech On Wearing Fur

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Title : Wearing fur is wrong Organisational Pattern : Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Visual Aid : Power point slides General Purpose : To persuade Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience that we do not need to wear fur as it is an unethical fashion item. Central Idea : Millions of animals are tortured for the furs on their back and therefore, we must change the perspective of how people see fur as a fashion item. Introduction I. Imagine yourself stuck in a cramped, dirty, cold and dark cage. II. You do not get any basic supplies like food, water and yet, you have to live in this filthy place for the rest of your life. III. For you, this is your home but suddenly, you have been dragged from your cage, endlessly beaten until your last breathe and intensely painful skinned alive, followed by a sudden stabbing electrocution through the anus. IV.…show more content…
Then, they tossed you like some garbage into a pile with others who suffered the same, exact fate like you. V. After doing ample research for this speech, it made me realize that how horrific the fur industry is and for your information, this thing happens to animals like Angora rabbits, foxes and minxes every single day just for the sake of fashion. VI. Why should we care? It is not our skin that has been excoriate. VII. Today, I hope to persuade each of you that it is not right to wear fur as it is brutal. VIII. Since I have learnt about the condition of the animals that I have mentioned just now and the production of fashion item such as fur coat, I think that this does not affect us emotionally on but also mentally and physically. (Transition: Let’s look more closely at the reasons why fur is not appropriate for

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