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Introduction I. Today I’m going to talk about my lovely country Persia, which we know it as Iran now. Here is a video that shows how great we were and how we are now. II. Not the nuclear power but, Iran’s history from 300,000 years ago until now. III. Iranian people were a very peaceful nation through the history but same as the other great histories something make it change. IV. So there is a transition in Iran history and we can divide its history to Iran’s history during the Achaemenid Empire, Iran’s history when Islam enters to it and Iran in present time.
Transition: how great was Persia? And when Persia was at the peak of glory?
I. Iran’s history during the Achaemenid Empire.
A: we were peaceful people
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III. Iran in present time.
A: After all of these splendors time, because of the governments based on religion, Iran converted to the one of the third world countries. 1. Because there was a civil war in the country for several years, developments stop in Iran and Khomeini didn’t do any of those thing that he told the people that he is going to do after his victory for the country.
B: As I said before because the religious mixed with politics most of the Iranian people suffer from lack of freedom in any cases. 1. Real Islam said that Muslim supposed to respect to all of the religions, but because Islam and politics mixed in Iran government really didn’t mention it. 2. They didn’t let any other religions like Baha’is, Jews and Christians live free in Iran. They arrest them; they torture them and make them force to live their own country.
C: The governments just think about its own benefits. 1. It is so sad that a rich country like Iran became third world country just because of selfish government. They really don’t care what happened to their people they just think about their own benefits and power in the world.
Transition: All these things work hand to hand to convert Iran from a very big and powerful empire to the third world country.
I This is very small portion of the history of my country Iran, and it is so sad for all Iranian when they review their history from past to now

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