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OUTLINE General purpose: To inform Speech Goal: I would like to give everybody an insight on Tiger Wood’s life. I will talk about his early childhood, golf career, and the scandal that became his downfall. INTRODUCTION Who in your opinion is the most dominant well-known figure in professional sports? This is up for debate to many of us as we all have different likes or interests. But there is one individual who was destined for stardom and was in the spotlight at a very early age. He is arguably the one individual in our lifetime that transformed his sport. With his presence, the sport of golf became popular and was no longer a ratings buster on television, and became a sport more young kids wanted to get involved in.…show more content…
B. His dad saw that he had an interest in golf at a very early age and designated him as “The Chosen One” (Callahan 23). 1. When Tiger was a toddler, his dad would put him in his high chair while he would hit golf balls in the basement. He noticed Tiger watching every move he made. Soon enough, Tiger was mimicking his dad’s golf swing and Earl Woods became amazed at what Tiger could do with a golf club by the age of 2. 2. Tiger became noticed by the world at the ripe old age of two yrs. old when he appeared on the Mike Douglas show. He was featured in Golf Digest at the age of 5 and began winning junior tournaments with kids four to five years older than him at the age of 8 (Londino 23). 3. He had a close relationship with his father and it is well documented that Tiger got his mental toughness through him. His dad use makes all kinds of noises while Tiger would attempt to practice. This left Tiger with two choices: He could block out the distraction or lose his composure. 4. At age 15 Woods became the youngest ever U.S. Junior Amateur champion. He defended the title in 1992 and

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