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Zongyu Chai
October 26, 2013
Darfur Genocide
Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience on the genocide that occurred in Darfur that started in 2003 and the impact it has made on the United Nations policy of international aid.
I. In high school I was given the opportunity to volunteer as a tour guide at the National Holocaust Museum.
a. Part of a new exhibit that was opened at my time there was a “Never Again” exhibit that shines lights on current genocides.
b. What is Genocide? Genocide is a term to describe the mass killings of one specific group of people based on religious or political backgrounds. (“What is genocide”)
c. After the horrors of the Holocaust were known, the world said “never again” will such
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Even though the United Nations has ordered the Sudanese President to disarm the Janjaweed, many of them are still performing mass killings, rape, and abuse of the refugee (Totten 45)
d. In a unanimous vote, the US House of Representative declares the crisis in Darfur to be a case of genocide and urged the US government to take immediate actions
e. At least 70,000 people has died since March 2004 (March to October) (Steidle 15)
III. Ending of the Crisis 2005-2006
a. After many attempts by the United Nations to stop the Sudanese president of his actions, there were still reports of mass killing and rape of citizen
b. United Nations personnel, as well as forces that were sent in to help with food distribution were relocated due to the threats of the Janjaweed (Totten 72)
c. On May 1, 2006, a day of protest was held across the globe to ask for international aid and a solution to this crisis (Steidle 71)
d. June 2006- The two rebel fractions signed an annex to the peace agreement
e. UN Peacekeeping will be deployed in 2007 to regulate the peace agreement
IV. Present Day
a. Reports from length investigation still shows that a large number of citizens are being killed and raped (Human rights council)
b. There are still suspicious activities that have been reported
I. The genocide of Darfur had been named one of the worst that has happened since the Holocaust
II. Understanding this incident will help the

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