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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about why gas prices are so high, and continue to rise.

Central Idea: Gas prices are on the rise in the US recently because of three major factors: the price of crude oil, the increase in internal regulations, and the increased demand for the gas.

Organizational pattern: Topical

Introduction I. Attention-getter: Back home, I used to spend 6 dollars to fill my car with gas. Unfortunately, today I spent 70 dollars, actually some times it goes up to 80 $ and it looks like there is a good chance for the price of gas to keep increasing. I was wondering why?

II. Establish credibility: I have done some research about gas prices and why they keep changing here in the
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C. It looks like the increased demand for oil is only going to continue, which, in turn, will make gas prices go higher.


Transition signal: In conclusion, the next time you fill up your gas tank might not be cheaper, but at least you will know why you are paying more for gas.

Summery: Now you know that the rise in gas prices is because of three main factors, the price rising of crude oil, continues increase in internal regulations in the United States and the huge increased demand for the product in and out side the United States.

Before I end, it looks like the cost of gas will continue to rise, I am afraid that one day one of us we will come to class riding a camel.


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