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Informational Interview Plastic Surgery is a speciality of medicine and a branch of surgery. It is a medical specialty that includes reconstructive interventions as well as cosmetic interventions of the body and face (Reconstructive plastic surgery) and the second one (cosmetic plastic surgery), the latter popularly known as cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is the restoring and give to the body its form and functionality in patients who have suffered accidents, burns, cancer, or have birth defects, malformations of the hands, etc. Its procedures will operate on various parts of the body to restore their normal shape and function, alleviating the individual 's disease. Cosmetic Surgery is used to improve a person 's…show more content…
What are your main duties and responsibilities?
Take care of people, he has the duties of make the patience to be better and feel good again.
Question 7: How did you get to where you are today? Did you follow a traditional path in your career search?
He started off studying Business, but then he changed to Medicine because one day he was studying with her friend and she was reading a anatomy book, he looked at the book he was reading and saw that the anatomy book was more interesting so he started to like more the medicine fields than the business field.
Question 8: Who were the people who supported and encouraged you in your career?
His dad 's friends, Dr. Liby was the most influential person for him and also Dr Kelly influence him in his career because they would tell him how the medical field was and he got more interested at it.
Question 9: What lessons have you learned along the way that would be helpful for someone just starting out or who is interested in this career? His words of encouragement are to stick with it and even when you 're studying so hard and you 're working so long hour and it seems like everyone else is having fun at the end all the hard work that you did it is rewarding.
Question 13: What are some future trends which could impact the nature of this career?
Every year there 's new things that come out, as technology grows we are able to do things with lasers and high

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