Informative Speech : Psychoactive Drugs Essay

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The second article that I felt needed revision to solidify the success of the piece was the brochure that discusses my topic of psychoactive drugs. While creating this topic in brochure form, I enjoyed the task at hand, felt at ease when creating it, so revising it would not necessarily be a burden on my part. The first major revision worth noting is the coherency. Throughout there were some word phrases that either did not flow well, were out of place, or felt too extra to the discussion at hand. Specifically, the phrase “ADHD or just boredom” was included, however, the usage of the word boredom felt rather redundant. An additional revision was the visual aspect of the final brochure. My brochure included three columns that were double sided containing my content and pictorial visuals. Unfortunately, the formatting was off so when fully closed and put together, some of the words overlapped or crossed over into the wrong column. Continuing with the visual revisions, I believed my brochure looked a little too dark. I know that my topic is considered a solemn issue, however selecting pictures that offered more visual appeal with a higher brightness factor will provide a better effect for catching the reader 's attention. Throughout the writing class, there were a collection of requirements of writing effectively that I was able to meet the standards of. One of the requirements was to complete at least four substantial writing projects that meet expectations for focus,

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