Informative Speech : Speech On Drinking Tea

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Quyen Brendon Duc Nguyen
Professor Nina Kotelyan
Coms 151
1 March 2016
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about tea
Informative Speech Outline
Attention getter: Ever heard of healthy water? Geez it already sounds disgusting, but actually it’s quite tasteful. This healthy water that I speak of, is tea. Drinking tea is one of the simplest things that can benefit your health.
Thesis: Growing up, I have seen my grandparents and all the other adults in my family drink tea. So I have become curious in to why they would drink this at all. It’s basically herbs and leaves in hot water. Exactly. But drinking tea comes with great benefits. Tea can help with stress and there are many types of tea that give different benefits. By drinking tea, it benefits the health in the long run.
Credibility statement: Ever since I have become interested in tea, I have done some research where I came across an article from Toffler Niemuth who is the founder of World Vitae. Her business and their sole purpose is to drink tea for a healthy sustainability in mind and body. She explains that by drinking tea, it can increase memory, focus and concentration.
Preview: Nowadays, tea is becoming popular and the trend in most restaurants. Such as the green tea. Not only does tea help benefit health, it can be tasteful as well.
[Transition] Now let’s dive into the subject about tea.
Main point: By drinking tea, it can help relieve stress and help with a person’s diet.
Subpoint 1: Today’s…

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