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Informative Speech Outline I. Introduction a. Attention Material a. Raise your hand if you have or are currently working retail. b. According to Quentin Fottrell, from Market Watch, “Nearly 4 out of 5 U.S. students… work while in school.” b. Tie to Audience a. Many of you have most likely experienced working retail or know someone who has. c. Credibility a. I recently worked 9 months in Bath and Body Works, so I am well aware of all of the horrors of working in retail. d. Thesis a. Working in retail is hard and I’m here to lend some advice on how to survive getting through it, one shift at a time. e. Preview a. The three main areas I will be covering today are: 1. How to deal with an angry customer. 2. How to survive an eight hour or longer shift. 3. Lastly, how to survive Black Friday. II. Body a. How to deal with an angry customer. a. The first thing you should do is just keep on smiling and be pleasant, despite how the customer may be acting. 1. They aren’t trying to start a fight they just want the best refund or exchange you can offer them. 2. Also, the calmer you appear, the calmer the customer will become. b. “Actively listen and sympathize with the customer.” 1. According to the Forbes business website in an article titled 7 Steps for Dealing with Angry Customers. 2. When I used to deal with angry customers one of the best things I could do was sympathize with them. 3. The article really emphasized the importance of this step and figure out what you can do for

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