Informative Speech Summary

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In January 2016, Dr. Peter Weinstock who is an Intensive Care Unit physician and Director of the Pediatric Simulator Program at the Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School delivered a speech at the TED conference. The topic of his speech was “Lifelike simulations that make real-life surgery safer”, in which he presented how important in difficult surgeries can be the use of current computer special effects and 3D prints. In his speech, he in an amazing way underlines how important it is to use realistic simulations before precise surgeries, especially for children. Using examples, slides and other help he shows the audience the wonders of technology to help analyze the case in every respect, but also to minimize the risk of failure of the operation. From the first minutes, the audience is attracted by their appearance, attitude, and tone of voice, which attests to his professionalism and knowledge of the subject. Through appropriate modulation of voice, he manages to keep the audience's attention to the end.
Weinstock begins his speech with intriguing questions addressed to the audience. Quietly voice he asks questions strongly affecting their imagination and then declares that something as unimaginable for them is real. On the screen, he shows a photo of the newborn and properly aligning the voice he builds tension in the audience step by step reporting on the child's condition after birth. He shows the X-ray of baby and explains in detail what the problem is.
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