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Outline Worksheet: Informative Speech Title: The Failure of Yucca Mountain Speaker: Michelle Hwang Specific Purpose: To explain the intended purpose of Yucca Mountain as a potential nuclear waste repository, and the resulting failure of the project due to government inaction. Introduction I. Attention-getter: Imagine your old community swimming pool filled with trash. Now as time passes that trash just keeps accumulating; what would you do with that trash? Where does it go or more importantly where can it go? Well, instead of trash imagine nuclear waste. Currently, 122 power plants across the U.S have spent nuclear fuel and waste that is laying unattended with nowhere to go. Our government tried to tackle this problem by…show more content…
1. These dry caskets are then stored at temporary storage units that hold the nuclear waste, but these storage units are quickly being exhausted due the accumulating amount of waste. 2. The government wanted to find a solution to this and decided that the proposed solution should not only prevent leakage of radioactive material into the environment, but also remain in a location for a period of time that outlives the human civilization. So, the government took action and passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982. II. Main Idea #2 A. The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 was the start of establishing a permanent nuclear disposal site by 1998. 1. The Department of Energy was assigned to study potential repository sites and to develop a relationship with the nuclear power plants in disposing the nuclear waste. 2. In 1987 Congress revised the Nuclear Waste Policy Act and made Yucca Mountain the main permanent repository site and required that the Department of Energy begin moving the waste from the nuclear reactors to the repository by 1998. It is important to remember that 1998 was the deadline. B. Yucca Mountain was the chosen repository site because it was resilient to any leakage, no environmental factors that could lead to a leakage, and because it was in the middle of a desert where no human population was near. 1. To fund the program, the Nuclear Waste Fund was created. Since
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