Essay about Informative Speech The Medical Properties of Marijuana

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Title: The Medical Properties of Marijuana
Purpose: To inform the audience of marijuana’s medicinal components and explain the medical benefits as well as the risks associated with the medication.
Thesis: The five main factors to understanding marijuana’s role in medicine are: 1) Overview of cannabis and its chemical actions in humans. 2) Symptoms Treated, 3) Specific modes of administration, 4) Benefits of the drug, and 5) Risks of the drug.

I. Introduction
A. Hook (Gain the audience’s attention): Marijuana’s unregulated use in treating medical conditions started around 100 B.C. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s when the “Hippie Movement” symbolized marijuana users as rebels against authorities. This naturally
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So, as you can imagine, my house is filled with medical books. I have been able to access the most cutting-edge medical data on this topic. So take me seriously! It’s not as if I went to “” or something. The majority of the information I am giving you is from the following sources: My 1st source comes from Dr. Daniele Poimelli’s “Cannabinoids” article from the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) conference on Neurorestoration. My 2nd source comes from - Gerald Gianutsos and his article, "Medical Marijuana: Therapeutic Uses and Legal Status." on My 3rd source of information is from an article I found on "Marijuana and Epilepsy by Tim and Pattie Shellman." The rest of my sources are listed in my bibliography.
Bridge (Transition into the body of your topic): Today, I will discuss the five main factors to understanding marijuana’s role in medicine: 1) Overview of Marijuana 2) Symptoms Treated. 3) Specific modes of administration. 4) Benefits of use. 5) Risks to use.

II. Body:

Transition: In order to become familiar with the medical impact of marijuana, we must first have an overview of the plant and its psychoactive ingredient

A. Overview of Marijuana and it’s chemical actions:

Humans initially cultivated and utilized the cannabis plant to make different kinds of fabric for

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