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Informative Speech on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) OBJECTIVES:
General Purpose: To inform the audience about ALS
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the diagnosis and progression of ALS
Central Idea: The symptoms and effects of this disease on the individual and family
Organizational Pattern: The progression of ALS from diagnosis to death

INTRODUCTION I. Take a moment, and point at the computer screen. Notice that your index finger is extended and your other fingers are curled into your palm. How did your hand know to do that? It all began in your brain, the starting point for an important chain of communication. Your brain ordered nerve cells, to activate
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C. Once the victim is positively diagnosed they are given a life expectancy of 2-5 years. (As the disease progresses the symptoms get worse)

III. Middle Stage A. Some muscles are paralyzed, while others are weakened or unaffected. B. Walking becomes difficult, if a fall occurs, the person may not be able to stand back up alone. Driving is relinquished. Weakness in swallowing muscle may cause choking, and greater difficulty eating and managing saliva. C. Weakness in breathing muscles can cause respiratory insufficiency, especially when lying down. D. Some people experience bouts of uncontrolled and inappropriate laughing or crying. (Despite how it seems, the person usually doesn’t feel particularly sad or happy.)

IV. Late Stages A. Most voluntary muscles are paralyzed B. The muscles that help move air in and out of the lungs are severely compromised. C. Mobility is extremely limited, and help is needed in caring for most personal needs. D. Poor respiration may cause fatigue, fuzzy thinking, headaches and susceptibility to pneumonia (Respiratory insufficiency is a leading cause of death in ALS.) (When ALS attacks, it attacks quickly)

V. Final Goodbyes A. In the last stage of the disease the effects on the body are crucial. B. The vast majority of deaths from ALS are the result of

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