Essay on Informative Speech on Arizona Bill

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Elina Bagga Informative Speech Outline
SP 211 07/19/2010

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the controversy over the Arizona Bill SB1070.

Strategic Order: Topical

Main Points: I. Arizona passed a new law which grants the local police greater authority to check the immigration status of people they stop. II. The controversy is whether the Justice Department, Immigration Advocates, and citizens believe this law is unconstitutional. III. States, elected officials and United States citizens support the new Arizona Bill SB1070.


Everyone look to their left; now look to your right. Chances are one of the students besides you is an immigrant to the
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They are rights and freedoms that protect an individual from the state. Common civil liberties include the rights of people, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and additionally, the right to due process, to a trial, to own property, and to privacy. c. Linton Joaquin of the National Immigration Law Center argues that, "States planning to follow in Arizona's misguided footsteps should take note: the United States cannot and should not allow immigrants and communities of color to be targets of hateful racial profiling legislation that puts their civil liberties on the line. We are pleased to see that the government has exercised its legal right to protect the rights of those within its borders and ensure that federal issues remain squarely in the federal domain." d. In addition, many Latino groups have announced the law as racial profiling specifically towards Hispanics. 3. The Arizona Bill also affects the Latin American Political relationship. a. A poll taken recently by the Pew Research Center show% of Mexicans viewed the United States favorable compared to 66% before the Arizona Bill was passed. B. The technicalities of the law and whether the law is constitutional are debatable. 1. States oppose the Arizona Bill and do not want to adopt the controversial immigration law including California, Colorado, and Oklahoma. 2. Republican and Democratic officials may have many different views but can relate to being against the

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