Informative Speech on Dreams Essay

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To inform:
To inform my audience on dreams
Intro: Can you remember the last dream you had? Maybe you could fly or were falling down an endless dark tunnel. Perhaps you were awakened by a horrific dream in the middle of the night. If any of you are like me you experience vivid dreams. I would like to start by share one of my dream experiences with you all. About two months ago I had a dream that my boyfriend was cheating on me, now I know all you girls and guys can relate to this. I wake up in the morning with my dream still fresh on my mind and in a horrible mood. I am furious at my boyfriend, and for what reason? He hasn’t even done anything, but the thing is in my mind he has, because my dream is so vivid and real to me. So guys maybe
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Dreams have been around as long as the first civilization came to be and have been a normal part of human existence. One third of your life is spent sleeping, and of that third, on average you will have spent a total of about six years of it dreaming. Most people dream on average two hours every night, but you can have anywhere from four to seven dreams in one night. According to research, the most common setting for a dream is in your own house. In our dreams we can do anything we want and be whoever we want to be. Our dreams are an escape from reality. While we dream we are unable to control our actions and choose our surroundings. We let our minds take over. Sometimes dreams can be understood in the context of repressed thoughts. Dreaming serves as an outlet for those thoughts and impulses we repress during the day. When we go to sleep at night and slip into our dream state, we feel liberated and behave in a manner that we do not allow ourselves to in our everyday life. Visions and ides can come from your dreams. Often, authors, screenwriters, and even poets turn to their dreams for inspiration. The think quest oracle library goes on to tell about the most well-known of the modern dream
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