Informative Speech on Health Effects of War

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Informative Speech
Health Effects of War
Topic: health effects war has on soldiers
General Purpose: to inform
Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about health effects war has on soldiers
Thesis: If a war can severely impact the countries at war, it surely has a grave impact on those who are on the forefront during the times of war.
I. "Will he ever find peace here on this earth? Before death's fingers encircle his throat Or will peace remain just beyond his girth Abandoning him eternally to a land remote" - Nancy L. Meek, in the poem 'The Sacrifice'
A. A war is the result of the lack of peace and ends in leaving no one happy.
B. Wars deeply impact all the nations involved in it and it affects the nations' economy and
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Symptoms of major depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder were reported by 16 percent to 17 percent of those who served in Iraq, 11 percent of those who were in Afghanistan and 9 percent questioned before they left.
2. The differences were greatest for post-traumatic stress disorder with about twice as many with PTSD after Iraq (12 percent) than Afghanistan (6 percent). Before deployment, the rate was 5 percent, about the same as the general U.S. population.
B. In the latest study, only 38 percent to 40 percent of those who indicated mental health disorders were interested in getting help, and 23 to 40 percent reported seeing someone for help. They cited concerns about how they would be seen by peers and potential damage to their careers
1. Less than half of those with problems sought help, mostly out of fear of being stigmatized or hurting their careers.
2. The study points out that somehow the barriers need to be reduced so that it can be more likely for people to come in and receive the much needed help
3. Some soldiers who remain active in the armed forces resist seeking help because they do not want to endanger their military careers by acknowledging psychological issues.
4. Others seek help in civilian practice rather than in the military health system.
[Transition: It is predicted that the mental health needs of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will increase over time.]
III. It is reasonable to expect a continuation of these brain and mental

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