Informative Speech on Smoking

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Persuasive Speech Outline
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to stop anybody they know from smoking to prevent damage to their health.
Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.
I. Attention step:
You may wonder what our future generation may look like because of the effects of smoking.
According to a study of teen smokers, young men who smoke may be both compromising their fertility and increasing their risk of fathering a child with genetic abnormalities due to sperm mutations in smokers. Males who smoke have a cough reflex that is slower to react than nonsmoking males. A person’s reflex to cough is a defensive action that prevents foreign material from entering the respiratory tract and
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Miscarriage or stillbirth
b. Low birth weight
c. Babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy weigh on average between 200 to 300 grams less than other babies.
d. Premature birth
e. Both low birth weight and premature birth can lead to breathing and other health problems.
f. Learning and behavior problems later in childhood.
g. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or “crib death,” seemingly healthy babies die without warning.
h. More upper respiratory problems, ear complications, or asthma when exposed to tobacco prior to birth.
7. Other damages that tobacco may leave on a person:
a. Prematurely wrinkled skin.
b. Permanent gum and tooth loss.
c. Lost or weakened sense of taste.
d. Weakened immune system.
e. Stomach ulcers.
f. Unwanted weight loss.
8. Cigarette smoking is associated with increased incidence of periodontal disease and poor response to periodontal therapy
Transition: So, clearly, the use of tobacco only negatively affects your health.
III. Satisfaction/Solution: Make sure that you do not get persuaded to smoke or chew tobacco because of appealing advertisements or peer pressure.
A. People have been smoking tobacco for centuries.
1. People used to think that tobacco was a medicine that was good for them.
2. People used to smoke because of its mood-altering B. Teens are far more likely than adults to

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