Informative Speech on the "Deep web" Essay

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Topic: The Deep Web
Thesis: To Inform the class on what the Deep Web is and what it is used for
I. Introduction
Attention Getter: What would you think if I told you that under your feet was another world with a thousand time more people, and a wealth of knowledge? Well when it comes to the intranet, that’s exactly the case.
1. Credibility Statement: I have been trying to figure out how to do everything that were not allowed to do for years. Using the “Deep Web” is a great way to figure out how to do the things that you can’t find on the internet, you just have to be careful because there’s a lot of junk that I wish I could forget, the Deep Web is not for the faint of heart.

2. Preview of Main Points:
A. First, I will explain
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3. Currently search engine companies do exclude pages to avoid cluttering their databases, therefore these sites cannot be accessed using the regular web and a new type of browser is needed.
4. Also website owners can have the option of making sure that there website does show up in search, making these pages only visible with a special browser like “TOR” and buy typing in the exact address.
5. Basically everything that can’t be indexed on the surface web ends up in the deep web (Marco 2013)
Transition: In fact the internet is actually divided into five sections, which are my next topic

1. Level 0 is commonly known as the Surface Web which is basically anything viewable through Google.
2. Level 1 is any website that has restricted access, like Gmail, or Facebook still considered the surface Web
3. Level 2 (from here on out is the Deep Web) special software is needed (Google locked results become available)
4. Level 3 special browsers are needed like TOR to access these site (supercomputing, hacking, and illegal trade occur here)
5. Level 4 questionable material becomes available along with most of the black market, crazy conspiracy theories,
6. Level 5 Not much is known besides the fact that the government uses it (Christopher 2012)

Transition: now you know what the Deep web is, I’m going to teach you how to access it

I. How to access the Deep Web

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