Informative Speech on the Environmental Movement Essay

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Informative Speech Outline

Attention Getter: Did you know in 1969 there was a giant oil spill in Santa Barbara?
Topic Revelation: This oil spill caused the environmental movement that has lead to our current environmental movement.
By environmental movement, I mean what the people’s interests are in our environment.
Significance Statement: The environmental movement is just as important as today then it was in 1969. The environment is constantly threatened and plays a crucial part in everyone’s lives (Goli).
Preview Statement: Today, we will be going over the impact of the oil spill, current issues today, and who are addressing these issues.

I. The first point is how the oil spill had an impact on our
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1.Many species face endangerment everyday due to our pollution such as trash in the oceans (Corwin).
Transition: We now just went over the history of the environmental movement and are now going into who are addressing environmental issues.

III. For our last point, we are going to bring up who is addressing these current issues. A. There are many great non-profit groups that address environmental problems. 1. One great non-profit group that helps address air quality is Tree People. 2. Tree People addresses air quality by planting trees which take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which makes our air more clean (TreePeople). B. A non-profit group that address trash in our oceans is heal the bay. 1.Heal the Bay focuses on the Santa Monica bay which stretches from Palos Verdes Pennisula north to Malibu which is 50 miles. 2.Heal the Bay's vision is to inspire understanding and conservation of the Santa Monica Bay and its watersheds through hands-on education, environmental stewardship and discovery (Heal the Bay).
Transition: Although there are many other groups that help address environmental issues, this is a very basic outline of these incredible groups.

I. Review: In conclusion, that was a brief outline of the environmental movement from what impacted the movement, current issues, and how those issues are being addressed.
II. Lasting Thought: The reason I

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