Informative Speech On The Close Relations Between Poetry And Poetry

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Attending a public speaking event can be hit or miss, the speaker can either leave the audience in awe or miss the mark in terms of conveying a message or topic. Heading into the speech there were low expectations, nor hopes it would hold the audience's interest as well as my own, but after attending and listening to an informative speech on the close relations between poems and songs, it had exceeded all predictions, and educated the audience about new ideas between the literary aspect of poetic verses and songwriting. The content targeted the college aged audience exceptionally well, while the speaker’s use of visual aids brought a new sense of credibility and life to their presentation, which had both positive and negative aspects.
The subject of the speech, resemblance of songwriting and poetry, was meant to illustrate just how closely related the two forms of literature really are. One of the things the speaker made quite clear was that although song lyrics are geared towards the ear, while poetry the eye and mind, they both use rhyme scheme as well as similar literary devices like metaphors, similes and personification, and they are both designed to make the listener feel some type of emotion. To illustrate this point the speaker then used John
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Some aspects of the delivery could have been better in terms of how expressive and animated it was, but overall the thoughtful consideration of the audience and exceptional use of formatting added a lot to the speech. not one, but three different types of visual aids added a lot to the speech. That together with quite conversational dialogue, and immaculate eye-contact hooked the audience and made for one truly fascinating and informational
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