Informed Consent Essay

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Healthcare Consent legislation applies to everyone above the age of 18 (some places 16) and has the following rights (Ref 1) 1) The right to give or refuse consent 2) The right to choose a particular form of healthcare on any grounds including moral or religious grounds 3) The right to revoke consent 4) The right to expect that a decision to give, refuse or revoke consent will be respected 5) The right to be involved to the greatest degree possible in all case planning and decision making Mostly all nursing actions are an invasion of a person’s privacy and giving consent is carried out by going into the hospital or being treated at home. So one can say that consent is based on the principle of respect for a fellow human being.…show more content…
The foundation of modern day informed consent is based on his statement “Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what should be done with his (or her) own body.”(3) There were many historical events that lead to present day consent acts. Some of them were as follows (ref #3) 1) Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in Black Men (1932-1973) 2) The Nuremberg Code as a result of the Nazi Medical Experiment during World War II (1947) 3) The Thalidomide experiment that resulted in birth defects (1950) 4) The declaration of Helsinki (1964) I feel these events all had a big role in shaping modern day HCCA and Consent legislature.Previously, a simple consent question would be “did the patient agree to surgery?” (Ref 2), which now has evolved into “Did the physician provide the patient with adequate amount of information for the patient to consent?” This newer version of the legislation allows the nurse to participate in proper advocacy so as to promote patient autonomy in self-determination. Initially informed consent meant saying “YES” to any treatment or intervention laid out by the physician and advocated by a nurse (Ref 1). Now informed consent means being able to say “NO” and this in itself is a part of exercising ones autonomy.(Ref2)Nurses should practice with the knowledge that clients must consent to be touched ,to have treatments administered ,

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