Informing People About Reading Disability

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Informing People about Reading Disability Curtiss, S. L., et al. "Bringing Instructional Strategies Home: Reaching Families Online ." Teaching Exceptional Children January/February 2016: 160-167. Curtiss et al. (2016) express how the collaboration of teachers and parents is difficult because of the overlap between parent and teacher work schedules. The authors detail how instructors can provide online learning support for parents who support child with limited expressive communication. They highlight the factors that necessitate such programs, and discuss how they can be evaluated. There is a need for a program development framework so that parents understand how to use instructional strategies. Some Internet-Based Parent- Implemented Communication Strategies include iPiCS; Meyer, and Meadan (159). The article is relevant as it details elements of a successive online communication strategy such as adhering to the principles of adult learning and building rapport with parents through constant communication, friendliness and mutual respect. The article speaks about major disabilities such as autism. The article is objective in that it offers sound practices based on acceptable learning and relationship standards. The article will be used in the study in informing about learning disabilities. It is insightful about how parents can be more involved in the learning process of their disabled children. I will use it to emphasize the involvement of parents in helping children
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