Infosys Harvard Case Study Essay

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Case Study: Infosys

Infosys is a Global IT service company based in India. It was founded in 1981 by 7 mid class men with a capital of $250 borrowed from their spouse. In 2008 the company is employing 85,013Software Professional and 6,174support employees.
The value of the company was summarized by one of the founder in the sentence: “ professionally owned and managed, with good corporate governance, good employee management and good ethics.” The company saw an exponential growth coming from the Indian Market liberalization and a increase use of outsource by US Corporation. The CEO wanted the company to be in the Top 10 list of the Best performing company and Best Employers. The company try to seek an active role of the HR as
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Another misunderstanding were coming from the Variable pay that employees perceived just as a way for the company to cut on compensation costs.
A relevant problem for the organization come from a wrong management of the growth; it looks like that the corporation is growing and adapting to this but employee feel threatened and don`t understand the need for change. In their measure to recapture the employee satisfaction or implement the change the company didn’t look for employees recommendation or understanding. While this can be normal and considered a cultural factor, the outcome of this action didn`t successfully address the problem. The following recommendation would increase the cost related to the operating business but will result in an high effective work force that will lead in the end to better financial results. A big lack in the company is the research for employee feedback and understanding the company can organize Strategic Fitness Program and survey to understand the low level feedback. However they should also develop a stable communication channel between employee and management reestablishing the mentor program. For further change is important to keep meet the employees expectation, and if those are wrong explain openly and clearly why for example, a same package benefit is no more available. Is also very important to

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