Infrared Spectroscopy

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Infrared Spectroscopy

Organic Chemistry Lab 301A

B. The purpose of this lab is to study Infrared Spectroscopy, which focuses on the study of the electromagnetic spectrum. The area to be studied is the infrared region, which is made up of gamma, X, and UV rays. We want to be able to identify spectra’s to their complementary structures. The background of this experiment particularly deals with the study of compound structure determination, and traits. We must be aware of the functional groups that occur in the compounds in order to correctly assess accurate results. Molecular vibrations affect the frequency of the stretch or bend, and the frequency of the bond is determined by 3 types of bonds between atoms. Infrared absorptions are
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This means our obvious choice for the unknown is diethyl ether because there are no double bonds involved and no nitro compounds.
It was very easy to make an error because of the high possibility that we had overlapping frequencies, or because two unknowns could be very similar. In order to avoid errors, it was necessary to make sure the frequencies were read very carefully and the spectra bonds were correctly identified. If we were to make an error in distinguishing an unknown, this would automatically cause us to have 2 or more incorrect Unknowns being identified. The Unknowns must be assessed by the frequency chart and bond identification.
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