Infrastructure Development With Economic Development

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1. Introduction Infrastructure development with economic development has a close relationship and interdependence with one another. Therefore, economic growth will trigger a rise in infrastructure programs which creates a significant number of construction projects. The fulfillment of the performance expectations of the stakeholders is the success of a project (Charrett, 2008). Successful construction program does not generate in disputes. However, the building project is a competitive and complex work environment in which participants cooperate with each other from different backgrounds, professions, abilities, and level of work experiences. It can lead to a significant discrepancy in expectations, goals and outcome that are obtained…show more content…
2. Triggering events of dispute The increasing size and level of complexity of a construction project will have an impact on the construction contract standard being more difficult and complex, causing a significant frequency and number disputes (Iyer, Chaphalkar, and Joshi, 2008). In fact, pre-construction contract documents are profoundly relied on by the contractor prior to making a tender in order to offer a construction project. Iyer, Chaphalkar, and Joshi (2008) point out that engineering and specifications plans are the basis for predicting on site project condition, which in turn determines the price proposals and scheme of work schedule, and contract performances. After the project has been executed, it is frequently discovered that contract document has flaws due to inaccurate data, inadequate site information, unexpected and unforeseen conditions, and human errors. In addition, the inconsistency between the actual situation and preconstruction documents which may delay the project and generate disputes (Lamari, 2008). Project personnel are the core resources of the construction project. They must deal with disagreement and uncertainty conditions, must involve the process, and usually negotiate with the dispute, which often arise during the execution of work (Diekmann and Girrad, 1995). Figure 1 illustrates the numerous collaborating potential sources of disputes in construction situations. Kumaraswamy (1997) explains
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