Infrastructure, Resources And Cost Analysis

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4 INFRASTRUCTURE, RESOURCES AND COST ANALYSIS 4.1 Infrastructure Analysis As mentioned in the comprehensive infrastructure analysis section above. The planned smart phone application will be incorporated into the current three-tier web platform architecture. The smart phone application will be the new presentation tier which hosts static contents and communicate with the logical tier through secured https protocol. The logical tier then communicate with the date tier, processes the request and response to the presentation tier. There is no need to make significant change to the current IT infrastructure on the server level. However, some extra desktop level hardware and software are required for implementing the smart phone app pilot…show more content…
They will take over the responsibilities of the smart phone app maintenance after the project is completed. Table 2 shows the required internal and contractor resources and the associated estimated start and finish date for the smart phone app pilot project. 4.3 Resource Breakdown structure Based on the infrastructure and human resource analysis, a resource breakdown structure (RBS) is presented as Table 6. • The project requires 1 Apple iMac 21.5-inch 4K Display at $2299 per unit (Apple Inc. 2015a). • The project requires 1 Dell Precision T5810 at $2968 per unit (Dell Inc. 2015). • The project requires 10 IOS device at average $981 per unit (Chowdhry 2015). • The project requires 20 Android device at average $363 per unit (Chowdhry 2015). • The project requires 1 Apple App Store Annual subscription (Xcode included) at $178 each (Apple Inc. 2015b), and 1 Google Play Store One-off subscription (Android Studio IDE is free) at $36 each (Google Inc. 2015). • The project requires 2 annual subscription at $420 each for training purpose ( 2015). • Cost estimate will include 20 percent of the total estimate as reserves. 4.5 Cost Models The following 3 cost models are estimated based on the optimistic, most likely and pessimistic time schedule. The time and cost values on this justification are based on the most likely cost estimate as showed in the above section. Note: Most of the justifications listed in previous
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