Infrastructure Within The United States

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The topic of infrastructure is one that is repeatedly assessed in regards to urbanization. Infrastructure is an issue that is always being talked about, but it has a vast definition. Infrastructure, in the context of urbanization, is defined as, “the basic physical and organization structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) need for the operation of a society of enterprise ( Infrastructure includes the basic needs that a society must have to function efficiently. The infrastructure within the United States, a country in the more developed world, is not sufficient in all areas. There are several areas of the country that lack these basic needs. When a …show more content…

The people associated with a low-income economic status are the ones who suffer the most. They are victims of the structural violence in the United States. The political system does not create preventative policies in regards to poverty. The root issue regarding the impoverished is the governmental system. Since the United States is made of a capitalist economy, there are flaws within the system. The main flaw is that this capitalist economy is designed to have a group of people failing. It is based on competition and the desire to get ahead. For this system to work and be “successful,” there must be a group that is lower than the rest. This group in the United States happens to be the impoverished. This group is suffering from inadequate infrastructure and supplies. There is no affordable housing created for the impoverished. Majority of the subsidized housing in the United States is created for the low middle class citizens (CHAPTER 3). Being one of the impoverished in a developed country is like being stuck in the same rut for years. There is very little self-help they can do and there is hardly and help provided to get out of the rut.
The number of impoverished people far exceeds the supplies and institutions in place to provide help. At a national level, there needs to be more support for the impoverished. (EXAMPLE OF DALLAS CHAPTER 15) The current system in the United States views the impoverished as the problem

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