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Chapter 3 3-1: There is no ideal structure for all kinds of organizations or appropriate to single organization at different stages. It changes from situation to situation. Though Matrix organization structure is appropriate it has disadvantages like Conflict between line managers and project managers over resource allocation, project maintenance is difficult if teams have lot of independence and cost increases if because of lot of managers. 3-2: Organizational changing occurs at rapid rate because shorter life cycle of projects and rapidly changing environment. Traditional management is old process it does not work in many projects. Systematic planning with strong functional input will produce team work. During the transition from one…show more content…
They should train the middle level management about the changes. Conflicts may occur while allocating resources. Difficult to control if the teams have lot of independence. Cost may be increased due to more number of managers. Middle level management: They don’t have as much responsibility as top and middle level management. They only learn the changes form top level and give the instruction to low level management. Low level management: These people should clearly understand the changes from middle level management and have to execute the changes in organization. 3-9: It is depends on the situational and capability of the organization. The factors need to be considered by an organizations which can immediately reconstruct the organizational are, i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. 3-10: Since the organizations have different departments like engineering, planning, computer programming and construction. They have different life cycle methods for each department and independent of one another so functional organizational form is best. 3-11: The project organizational structure must be used while developing the product. We can effective utilization of product with that so there is no use of using organization structure after development. 3-12: This company has got many achievements without an organizational form. However organizational structure must for developing companies to reduce

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