Infuence from a Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

Influence from a Marketing Strategy
Basic Concepts for Marketing in my Personal Opinion
In todays’ world marketing continues to impact a companies projected and current profit, and it will continue to grow for those two things in the future. Some of the basic concepts that help for the development of a marketing strategy, in my personal opinion, can be shortened down into three quick reference concepts. First would be researching the interested or potential market for a current product, or a potential product. Second ensure the product and most importantly the price catches the eyes, and reaches into the ears of the intended market area, giving the marketing or reasonably priced yet quality product. Third and as significant as the other two market that product through all useable resources and tools at your disposal, such as search engines like Google, or social media like Facebook and Twitter. Indeed these could incorporate more in-depth explanations and discussion, the fact is these are my personal shortened concepts to the basics of marketing. Suggestions and thoughtful conversations are acceptable for things you think I am leaving out that are important, including things that you think should be added.
Research for Switzers’ Potential Growth in new Markets Currently Switzer Performance delves in the higher income markets where more consumer money is readily available for spending. With proper research conducted to find further and more

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