Ingestion Case Study

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ASBESTOS is used to illustrate the secondary assessment of a poisoned patient. The primary assessment performed at the emergency department shows no symptoms after 60 minutes of ingestion of several pellets of rat poison. Strychnine can be ruled out as a possible agent as ingestion by mouth is fatal in humans. Strychnine ca be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the eyes or mouth. Within ten to twenty minutes of ingestion humans will start to have spasms of the muscle starting from the head and neck and spreading to all over the body. Convulsion occur and they increase in intensity with the slight touch and the convulsions will lead to muscle break down, increased acidosis in the body, and temperature starts rising. Death usually occurs within 2-3 hrs of exposure either from muscle fatigue due to the convulsions or the nerves that control breathing does not function and patient dies from asphyxiation./…show more content…
( symptoms of poisoning are not present immediately and might take 2-14 days depending on the dose. Anticoagulants inhibit the enzyme that allows the Vitamin K to make blood clotting agents. Blood clotting agents prevent the body from excess bleeding. The reason why the symptoms are not immediate is because the human body stores an extra supply of Vitamin K. Once the supply is used up, internal bleeding starts to occur. (Warfarin is considered as a multiple-dose anticoagulant. The antidote is Vitamin K and monito INR/PT until it comes down to the normal level. CBC also needs to be monitored for anemia and any signs of any
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