Ingrid And Irony

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INGRID is a character driven journey of self-discovery. The goal is an inner emotional goal rather than an external goal. The stakes are personal and psychological. The tone blends humor with dark comedy. There are solid themes about abandonment, belonging, and trying to find one’s identity in a confusing world.

The story offers a very engaging and complex protagonist in the character of Ingrid. She’s clearly flawed and has psychological issues, but the audience easily engages to her and roots for Ingrid to be happy and emotionally healthy.

The story offers a three-act structure. The opening scene establishes the tone, combining drama with dark comedy. Immediately the audience knows that there’s something wrong with Ingrid. It’s her search
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The dialogue contains good subtext and irony. The dialogue reveals information about each character. It’s fun when Taylor tells Ingrid that she likes her because she’s “real.” The irony is not lost. Nicky actually voices one of the most insightful passages when he says that the (Batman) movie is about people discovering their real identity in a world in which people wear masks. He’s talking about “this” movie/script. As mentioned, adding more wit and dark humor to the voices, especially Ingrid will benefit the script.

The tension is subtle. The threat of discovering Ingrid’s true story is nicely crafted, although introducing Nicky earlier will help elevate this and enhance the overall anticipation.

On another note, it might even work more effectively if Ingrid actually walks out of the mental hospital or has criminal charges pending against her (from the assault on Charlotte) and that she runs away and/or skips town. This would elevate the anticipation and tension of her being caught and taken back home. The audience would root for her not to be caught, but they would fear she would.

In summary, the script is professionally formatted. The storyline provides a poignant and touching journey of self-discovery and with a bit more development the story could be even be more
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