Ingvar Kamprad and Ikea Case

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Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA

1. What do you think was the main reasons for IKEA’s success in Sweden and other Scandinav countries in the period up to 1973?
To begin with we have to resituate the context; we are now in the post war boom era when a lot of industries on both sides, even in Germany, developed substantially and very rapidly. We are now in a wealthier and reborn Europe. As a result new needs started to appear; back in those days, it was for example customary to hand down custom-made furniture from generation to generation.
For young people trying to furnish their apartments for the first time it was, for obvious reasons, an inconvenient situation. What is more, receiving custom-made furniture was not necessarily always in
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The 4P’s and the SWOT analysis represent best the original business model of IKEA by detailing both its products’ characteristics and the company’s internal and external specificities.
After studying it what strikes one is that whatever what threat or weakness the company has lacking, it has always manage to overcome those with relative easy. It has even in some occasions changed the odds by turning a threat or a weakness into an opportunity or strength. Employing uneducated and young worker for example was a brilliant choice that enable them to have a “bad habit free” and dynamic workforce, amongst other examples. 3. What do you think were the major issues facing IKEA in

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