Ingvar Kamprad vs Steve Jobs Essay

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Ingvar Kamprad and Steve Jobs are two people that have set their footmark forever on this planet. Ingvar Kamprad is founder of the great furniture empire, IKEA. Steve Jobs is best known as one of the co-founders of Apple, the most valuable company on earth. Both these business gurus are huge role models of mine and have definitely changed my way of thinking in several ways.

Mr. Kamprad could be any 85-year-old white man with his faded coat, tinted prescription glasses and scuffed shoes; he looks like just another pensioner scraping by on a tight budget. Even though Steve Jobs left us as a 65 year old, together with his famous black mock turtleneck, blue mom jeans and cheap tennis shoes, they both shared a simple way of dressing.
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Steve dropped college after only one semester and started to take a few part time jobs. In 1975, he worked for a video/computer company but suddenly decided for a 7 months trip to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. He came back to the US and started to experiment with psychedelics and according to a book, Steve called his LSD experiences “one of the two or three most important things done in my life.” After experimenting, he went back to the video/computer company and worked there once again. Steve and his computer friend Stephen Wozniak shared the same passion for computers and after they assembled their first computer, Apple Computer Company was born. The company was born in Steve´s garage 1976, and they continued to build several computers. People were hired, upgrades to bigger facilities were made and salesmen went great. Four years after Apples birth the company was worth $200 million. After a dispute between Steve and his employees, his own creation fired him. In revenge he started another computer company called NeXT and also bought the famous animation studio Pixar which he shaped from only being a simple dough to the most delightful pastry. Unlike Pixar, NeXT went bad but so did Apple. Steve convinced Apple to buy NeXT in order to compete with Microsoft and years after that he returned to Apple as a CEO and turned the company into what it is today, the most valuable company in the world (Internet). On the
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