Inherit The Wind, By Charles Darwin

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Every living thing on this planet has evolved from the same original specie. Having this information, could it not be concluded that all living things are, to some degree, related? Yes. To further explain, evolution is a theory that states that organisms have diversified or in other words, have changed into a more complex living thing. In the book Inherit The Wind, the townsfolk of the play disagree heavily with the theory of evolution. Common ancestry is the theory that states that all living things share a common ancestor or common descendent, which then ties into evolution. Speciation, both allopatric and parapatric, show evidence for common ancestry. Speciation is when new species arise due to an evolutionary process. There are multiple and observable accounts that are used to support the theory of common ancestry. Charles Darwin’s book, The Descent of Man And Selection in Relation to Sex, goes into specifics with these accounts with placental mammals. Placental mammals are mammals that nourish their embryos using the mother 's blood supply. Common Ancestry in placental mammals provides sufficient scientific evidence, such as the similarities in bone structures and genetic coding between animals, to support the theory of evolution.
One of the biggest arguments against the theory of evolution and the theory of common ancestry is that they are theories. A scientific theory is an explanation for something in the natural world supported by facts and has successfully gone
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