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In Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s tense drama, “Inherit the Wind”, three strong characters express powerful opinions: Bertrum Cates , Henry Drummond, and Mathew Harrison Brady. First, Bert Cates, the defendant, is charged with teaching “Darwinism” to his sophomore class . Second, Henry Drummond, the defense attorney for Cates, displays his beliefs of the right to think. third, Mathew Harrison Brady, the “big-shot” prosecuting attorney, illustrates his bigotry of creationism. To conclude, these three essential characters are fighting for their personal beliefs.

Primarily, Bert Cates, a 10th grade teacher, struggles to obtain his right to have an open-mind, and encourages others to do so. The defendant, simply tries to teach a lesson
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He clearly values this when he explains to the judge “I am trying to establish, Your Honor, that Howard - or Colonel Brady - or Charles Darwin - or anyone in this courtroom- or you, sir - has the right to think!”. Drummond feels strongly that the right to think is very much on trial and hopes that justice will be reached. In summary, Henry Drummond values deeply every human’s right to imagine or give credence to anything.

In addition, Mathew Harrison Brady, the prosecution, gives a strong opposing viewpoint to the morality of the issue. He believes every word of the book of Genesis, and can not comprehend any other possibility to the beginning of life. As he is unusually testified, he states, “Everything in the Bible should be accepted, exactly as it is given there”.      This rules out any other likelihood that something similar to Darwinism could have ever been imagined. Ultimately, Brady keeps an open and shut opinion to anything germane to life, morality, or creationism.

In conclusion, the play “Inherit the Wind” is strongly influenced by characters Bert Cates, Henry Drummond, and Mathew Harrison Brady. Bert Cates is first given the guts to stand up for what he believes in, and peruse it throughout all of its hardships. Second, Henry Drummond helps defend Cates, establishing the fact that he and everyone else has the right to think. Lastly, Mathew Harrison Brady, displays his opinion that there is only one

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