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Inherit The Wind Rachel’s Quest for independence I think Rachel was looking for the ways for her independence and willing to protect Bert during the trial. Rachel believed that Bert was innocent. Rachel was in love with Bert, she knew that Bert was not a criminal and she wanted him to confess the court and the town’s people that he had done wrong, and it was all a joke and he was sorry for that. Rachel said to Bert, “Bert, why don’t you tell `em it was all a joke? Tell `em you didn’t mean to break a law, and you won’t do it again.” This clearly shows that she was worried about him and wanted to help him. But she knew that what he had done was bad. And she was also quite sure that he would not win the trial against the mayor. Her…show more content…
This shows that since her childhood she had never known any comfort from her father and he had always been cruel to her. In court, when she was under oath, she was asked a lot of questions. Her answers from one side she tried to tell the truth from one side, and from the other she was to protect. Bert she did not want to do him any harm, though she knew her father would not be pleased with her answers. It was clear she demonstrated her independent views and ideas there. The battle between two lawyers showed that Mr. Drummond was right. He was a famous journalist and most famous orator. He battled at the court with weighty arguments and a tremendous speech, and he won, having destroyed Mr. Brady. Mr. Drummond’s arguments and his witnesses, fifteen scientists, thought they were not allowed to testify at the trial proved that Bert was innocent and that Rachel’s independent views were right. Rachel understood that earlier she had not really thought very much. She said, “I was always afraid of what I might think. A thought is like a child in our body. It has to be born. If it dies inside you, part of you dies too!” When Bert won they could not remain in the town, because everybody would be against Bert, and Bert would not be able to get a job there. Though Bert won the townspeople trusted the Bible more than science, because they were very religious. And it was quite clear they would continue to trust the Bible. Rachel’s behaviour during the trial,

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