Inhibited Sexual Desire Research Papers

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Inhibited sexual desire can cause a lot of issues in a marriage. I actually know this from experience. My suffer from IDS and it frequently causes conflict within my marriage. It has led my husband and I feeling resentment towards each other. My husband has a very high sex drive and I have a very low sex drive. My low sex drive makes him feel inadequate, unwanted and neglected. I on the other hand, feel resentment because he and I see sex differently. He sees it as a need I see it as a want. I frequently feel sex takes me away from important things like child rearing, school, work, etc...

There can be many causes for ISD which include medication, depression, anxiety,stress, fatigue, marital problems and physical disorders like diabetes. There are many treatments for IDS and it depends on the cause of IDS. There are psychological approaches like behavior modification, "sensate focus without intercourse, 'homework' activities, and finally 'permission' to engage in sexual intercourse" (Yarber and Sayad 479).

Another treatment includes PLISSIT model. This method "refers to four progressive levels: permission, limited information, specific suggestions,and intensive therapy. Individuals and couples can often ersolve their sexual function difficulties by talking them over with their partners or friends,
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They could feel they are inadequate, ugly, fat, unwanted, resentment, and worst of all they may feel their partner was cheating on them. I think a woman would experience all of those emotions. I believe a man can feel the very same emotions if his partner didn't want him. It would depend on the personality of the person who is being sexually neglected. Everyone deals with issiues differently. We are all unique beings. I understand this out of personal experience. As I stated earlier I suffer from ISD and my husband and I have talked about it and he has been very open about his feelings when I have no interest in sexual
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