Inhuman Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, were used in previous administrations. The techniques were considered at the very least to be cruel and inhuman. Among these are attention strikes and stress positions. The techniques violate human rights as well as detainee rights. There are few serious arguments for the retention of enhanced interrogation. The most compelling is the "ticking time bomb theory." This theory is in fact based on logical fallacy. An executive order has banned the use of enhanced interrogation. It is the position of this summary that the current ban remain in effect. Torture is the intentional infliction of extreme physical suffering on some non-consenting, defenseless person. Torture in any form is used to punish,…show more content…
These strikes, more than just inhuman can be dangerous. They can lead to head trauma and internal damage. Stress positions are meant to break the will of the detainee. In "Forced Standing" detainees are shackled in a standing position. In a 1956 CIA report on soviet interrogation, Harold Wolfe and Lawrence Hinkle noted that after as little as 18 hours edema occurs causing swelling of the ankles to at least twice the normal size. The swelling continues up to the mid thigh. This causes circulatory failure and eventually renal failure. The 2 experts when evaluating the treatment called it "physical torture" (Wolfe 1956). While outside lasting marks may not be present the internal damage can be devastating "Palestinian Hanging" is a more severe form of stress position, capable of damaging the shoulder joints, ligaments, nerves and tendons. In this position, the bound hands are placed behind the detainee while they are elevated until the body weight is supported primarily or entirely by the hyper extended shoulder joint. In conjunction with broken ribs, the CIA found that palestinian hanging caused the asphyxiation death of Manadel al-Jamadi, who was a detainee at the now infamous Abu Ghraib Prison (McChesney 2005). A major reason that Enhanced Interrogation Techniques are not seen as beneficial to society is the fact that all people have human rights that protect them from torture. Human rights are in place in order to set an outline of how
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