Inhumane Conditions Of Nursing Facilities

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Inhumane Conditions of Nursing Facilities
When you hear the words, “Nursing Home”, what comes to mind? Sad, helpless, elderly individuals? The smell of urine? An overall, unpleasant place to reside in? Unfortunately, this generic description is accurate amongst majority of the nursing home facilities across the United States. More often than not, the elderly suffer from inhumane living conditions while residing in a nursing facility. Quite often we hear stories on the news about cases of elder abuse in the nursing home and we automatically think physical, mental, or emotional abuse from caregivers. However, the fact that these individuals are also living amongst unsanitary, inhumane conditions, and ran by a staff that includes
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For example, ABC 27 News Channel captured an interview of a local woman, sharing her experience with her encounter with a nursing facility and the investigation that was taking place for the inhumane living conditions her mother was exposed to. This interview took place at the Golden Living Blue Ridge Mountain Facility located in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The interview includes the personal story of the daughter, as well as professional statements from a Dr. Murphy.
Sandra McManamon described her mother as “spunky” and said “she was a busy bee” before she had multiple strokes leaving her immobile and eventually dementia set in resulting in having to reside in a nursing home. When McManamon was describing what she witnessed at the living center to the interviewer, she said, “The urine and bowel movement odor was a lot of times horrendous…” and that “…ants were eating the feces, the breathing equipment they brought in for my mom was caked with black dirt…at one point, it took me seven days to have someone come in and unclog the commode.” McManamon hated leaving her mother there and she knew that if she didn’t personally change her every night before she left, that her mother would sleep in her own feces.
One day, when McManamon came to visit, her mother was crying in pain. The staff had ignored her pain
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