Inigo Jones Mask

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When first choosing this topic, I actually expected to research masks. Well much to my surprise this is a totally different topic and heightened my interest. As it turns out, masques are a different form of entertainment that took place during the 16th and 17th Century in England. Basically, it was a form of courtly entertainment that consisted of song, music, dance, and acting out a story. It was held complimentary to the noble or royal host at a social gathering. Masques mainly consisted of a band of masked people that would dance and converse with guests. Also they would offer gifts to the host and then join them for a ceremonial dance. Sometimes it could just be a simple procession in which guest are introduced but then an elaborate staged show is…show more content…
Also it is believed to have originated in primitive religious rites and folk ceremonies known as disguising or mummery that evolved into the elaborate court spectacles throughout Europe. Eventually, this Italian style of theatre made its way to Tudor England and was incorporated into the English court masques for the king in the 16th century. These spectacles used gorgeous costumes and a display of spectacular scenery with the use of machinery to move them on and off stage. Imagery used tended to come from Classical instead of Christian sources. A scene designer named Inigo Jones who was known for the first to design excellent masques during the time 1605 to 1634. Ben Jonson, a court poem that had both a literary and social force. The two collaborated together. He invented the antimasque. It took place ahead of the main masque but focused on grotesque elements and direct contrast toward the elegance of the masque that followed. Later the masque transformed into Opera while the antimasque was mainly farce or pantomime. After Jonson’s retirement, masque were used as
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