Inital Counciling

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AFVB-XB-F 26 March 2012


SUBJECT: Motor SGT Initial Counseling/ Philosophy

1. The purpose of this counseling is to provide you with the information about my philosophy on leadership, standards and expectations. I have tremendous expectations of you as a Motor sergeant in this company. I am confident that you will not have any difficulty implementing and accomplishing what is expected as long as we work together as a team. Always remember, there is no “I” in “TEAM”! As a leader, I owe you the opportunity to perform to the best of your abilities. By the same token, I will not do your job for you. Always do what is right not what is
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3. Tell me the way it is, not what you think I want to hear.
4. We all know right from wrong. Sometimes the difficult decision is doing what is right not what is convenient.

C. Loyalty
1. Be loyal to yourself, subordinates, peers, superiors, unit and country.
2. Know, support and use the chain of command. I encourage you to identify and discuss issues you may not agree with, but once the final decision is made, that is the end of it so make adjustments and continue-the-mission.

D. Social Behavior
1. Treat others, as you would want to be treated
2. As leaders, we must maintain a clear separation between ourselves and those we lead, both, on and off duty. I’m not saying that you and I are better than anyone else; however, as leaders we are charged with tremendous responsibilities and are held to higher standards. To put in bluntly, “we cannot lead soldiers and act like the soldiers”. Do not be a soldier’s buddy! We cannot get away with the indiscretions that out soldiers may because we must lead by example.
3. DUI, substance and spouse/child abuse are “career-enders”.

E. Military Courtesy/Professionalism
1. Be courteous and professional in appearance and attitude
2. Respect: there are two types, implied respect by virtue of position and earned respect.
3. Implied respect-respect one is entitled commensurate with rank or position.
4. Earned respect-is much different, for it is harder to achieve and comes over a period of time. Primarily achieved by

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