Initial Case Planning For Taking Over Christian 's Care

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Initial case planning for taking over Christian’s care will involve a comprehensive review of his previous notes, hence serving an exceptional understanding of his mental health needs and hypothesis to be made to probe further investigation and appropriate interventions. A review of Christian’s discharge summary will provide a clear picture of what has been happening and also what intervention strategies have been implemented. A study (deCathelineau, 2014) state that in order to provide best patient care, it is essential for clinicians to have access to complete patient records. Establishing a good nurse patient rapport will facilitate the patients’ engagement and compliance. Guglielmi, Stratton, Healy, Shapiro, Duffy, Dean & Groah (2014) state that patient engagement strategies have demonstrated improvement in care delivery and translate into more excellent outcomes related to patient satisfaction and recovery. 3. Assessments Risk assessment forms a fundamental aspect of nursing practice, hence allows for a systematic and continuous process of identifying risks and implementing targeted interventions (Mullen, Drinkwater and Lewin, 2014). Conducting a risk assessment helps the development of risk management plans that minimize risks that can impede mental health patients’ recovery (Gilbert, Adams, Buckingham, 2011). Therefore, I will do a risk assessment for Christian to ascertain his self-neglect issues then implement an effective management plan for this identified

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