Initial Foundation Information For The Teaching Profession

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Initial Foundation Information Janet, is a young single woman, she is also new to the teaching profession. She came to me so that she could learn to make a budget and achieve her goals through financial success. Before Janet and I sit down to our initial assessment. I sent her a packet, inside the packet included information on what my job was as a Christian financial coach, it is my job to be a teacher and to coach her aid her in here process financially, however it is not my job to give her specific investment or financial advice (Murphy, 2009). I also included information on my ethical code (Murphy, 2009) Integrity, which means that pride myself on strong religious moral principles. Objectivity, meaning it my job to not only understand her as a client but listen to her so I see that it is her needs that are being met without holding judgement upon her. To uphold competence, meaning that I will give Janet as a client the necessary knowledge and skills to help her achieve financial success. That I will remain fair and confidential in that what she and I discuss is legally confidential thus I will not be sharing with others. Lastly that I provide professionalism as well as diligence with my clients. In addition I had Janet, take the online assessment Financial DNA, as well as to keep track of her spending and budget for a month before our initial meeting. As I welcomed Janet into our initial session, I asked if we could begin our session with a prayer followed by a

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