Initial Meeting Experience Paper

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Overall, my initial experience working with Laurie Bowen for the Levene, Gouldin & Thompson Tennis Challenger has been a positive experience. So far I have attended six meetings, where we discuss a variety of issues. In the beginning, meetings were held only once a month. But as it gets closer to the tournament, it has kicked up to two meetings a month held on Monday nights. During the meetings, Laurie provides all the volunteers with an agenda on what was going to be discussed at that meeting. The meetings usually cover financial matters. For example, how much money has been raised to that point and if there were any new sponsors. The big issue has been able to locate a food vendor to cover the nine-day tournament. During one meeting we covered the issue of gambling and players being paid off. One of the head officials responded back, that there was not much for us to do. However, the league has implemented different strategies to limit the ability of gambling, but said keep an eye out for any…show more content…
Since then, we usually pick a spot and just walk around going from business to business. In the beginning it was harder because we did not know all the information. However, as the time has gone on we have gradually become more comfortable. I have also learned it is important to listen to the other person and get to know that person. Therefore, I try to make some kind of connection. For example, if we both like hockey, it is easier to build a relationship with that person. There have been some difficulties along the way. For example, finding a place to live was a challenge. Laurie was very accommodating and was able to find us a place to stay for the summer. It has also been difficult for me because I am not from the area. Therefore, I do not know where anything is or what goes on within the community. For example, when Laurie tells us try a certain street for a sponsorship, I have no idea where it
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