Initial Problems of Pakistan

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INITIAL PROBLEMS FACED AFTER THE CREATION OF PAKISTAN INTRODUCTION: Pakistan came into existence on 14th august 1947. Soon after its establishmentPakistan faced number of problems. Most of the problems of Pakistan were related withPakistan dispute with India, such as the accession of the princely states, canal Water dispute, refugees' problems and distribution of armed and military assets. Infect most of these problems were deliberately created by India itself so that Pakistan would notmaintain its independent status and soon merged with India. (Nehru told General Sir Frank Messervy in 1945, “his deliberate plan would be to allow Jinnah to have hisPakistan, end gradually makes things so impossible economically and otherwise for Pakistan…show more content…
WhereasMadhopur headwork was built over Ravi; though it was situated in the non-Muslimmajority area of Pathankot but it irrigated mostly the areas, which were included inPakistan. By giving the control over the river Ravi and Sutlej to India, Radcliff put theeconomical life of Pakistan in danger. It was not merely a theoretical possibility; it was proved by Indic by cutting off the water supply on 31st March 1948. City of Calcutta Handed Over to India: Though Calcutta was a Non Muslimmajority city but. Pakistan had a strong claim on it. Firstly large population of Calcuttaconsisted of schedule east Hindus that were with Muslim League. Secondly East Pakistanwas separate from West Pakistan by more than one thousand miles and for thecommunication point of view the port of Calcutta was very important for Pakistan.Thirdly East Bengal produced the bulk of raw jute but mostly the jute factories weresituated in Calcutta. With out Calcutta East Pakistan would be a rural slum. Boundary Award and Mountbatten's influence? On August 8, Mountbatten's private secretary sent a letter with a preliminary description of the Punjab boundary toEvan Jenkins, the governor of Punjab. This draft showed the Ferozepur area and itsheadworks going to Pakistan. When the final award was released, Ferozepur was assigned to India. Infuriated Pakistanis were sure that Nehru and Mountbatten had pressured Radcliff to change his line Announcement of the Award was Delayed: The Award was to be announced
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