Initial Root Cause

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The initial root cause analysis was completed in assignment millstone number two. It identified multiple problematic symptoms and ultimate causative factors. Therefore, a rational approach to millstone three, solutions and outcome will be driven by the causative factors. These factors are; ineffective communication, poor or unhealthy interpersonal relationships, lack of trust and respect, and deflated self-esteem and moral. The strategic plan for resolution of cause and successful outcomes will be addressed. However, there must be pre-plan considerations that will provide a firm foundation. The first is “inclusive” defined by Merriam Webster “open to everyone: not limited to certain people” (adjective). This introduction will be profound.…show more content…
These include: employee performance employee satisfaction, growth and development, transparency, communication and decision-making. As these are contemplated it is clear they are central or at the heart and purpose of an originated. It is not left to “pick and choose” rather they become the universal essentials. This aspect of the paper concluded with a summary of ideas and or process. Basically, what is desired for successful outcomes? They are multitasking, diversity, inclusiveness, communication, respect and trust, rational decision-making, patience, and empathy. Clearly they represent what may be referred to as integrative threads. There will be a steering committee. The challenge for this body is to begin by recommending leaders. Both Bent and Haley are excellent candidates. They were more rationale during the crisis and made efforts to cope rationally. They tend to be thinkers sincere and engaged in attempts to resolution. They did better than there co-workers even though they were also victimized. The steering committee will function to assist in organizing the framework for issues, needs and direction for subgroups. The drivers will be causative factors and established of needs. This will require diverse knowledge skills strategically placed. Organizational leadership styles will be a considered the major descriptive can be outlined under characteristic.
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